Fitness classes you can join in from home.

Spritely – A one hour fitness class including Aerobics and Resistance Training. The class is aimed at the over 50’s but can be enjoyed by everyone. Good for a healthy heart and maintaining muscle tone. You’ll need some hand weights.

Spritely Stretch – A 40 minute fitness class inspired by Yoga. The class includes stretching, balance and floor work. Good for a healthy mind and body, a strong core and improved flexibility. You’ll need a mat.

You can join our classes from home using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Zoom Class Timetable
Tuesday at 10am 60 minute Spritely Fitness Class
Wednesday at 10am 40 minute Spritely Stretch
Friday at 10:00am 60 minute Spritely Fitness Class

Class Fee

There is no advance fee for the class. After the class you can pay a class fee using the payment form. The suggested class fee is £7 for one class in a week, £12 for two classes or £15 for three classes. You can pay at the end of each week.

If you are currently in financial hardship we still want you to join in and keep fit. Please don’t worry about making a payment if you can’t afford it, or just pay what you can afford.

We use Zoom for the live classes. Zoom is an interactive platform so you can talk to each other, add messages and even see each other if you have a camera. Don't worry if you don't want to be seen, that is optional!

You can use a browser like Chrome or Safari, or use the Zoom Meeting App. If you already have Zoom you can find us by clicking "Join Meeting" and use the Meeting ID: 248 819 1502 the Password is 5678

Alternatively, just click the button above.

Catch-Up on YouTube

If you missed the live class, here's a recording of the most recent class.

YouTube Channel

All the Spritely, Spritely Stretch and Body Beats classes are on my YouTube channel. Click here to go to my channel.

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